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Awesome Cats Play With Twizlrz

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What our customers say

I have never seen my two boys this happy with toys before. They almost never touch the other stuff I bought them.

Mel, Kilmarnock

My mum's cat Molly literally spends ages batting them about and chasing them and generally having a whale of a time!

p.s. Molly says a big meow thank you too!

Karen, Hertfordshire

I was skeptical at first as Jasper plays with nothing. I mean nothing. He only plays with Twizlrz now. All the time! He's 14 and plays like a kitten. They are fantastic

Sarah, Wrexham

I have spent a fortune on toys for my 3 cats and the only thing they play with is my shoe laces and Twizlrz. They're fab.

Terry, Newcastle

They're so good I bought some for my mum and my friends... I must be your biggest customer now. Unbelievable toy you guys have :)

Louise, Liverpool

OMG!!!! Stan will not touch any of his other toys now. It's Twizlrz only for him. I can't believe I only just discovered these. Sooooo many thanks Twizlrz team!!!!!

Tabitha, London

I am so telling everyone about these. Cracking fun for my cats

Hunter, Leeds

We have all the usual stuff with bells, feathers, lasers and whatnot and this beats the pants off all of that.

Andrew, Glasgow

I have three cats that now only play with Twizlrz. All that money I spent on other toys was a total waste! Thx a lot guys

Lexy, Worthing