About Us

About Us

Founded in 2018 and based in Ayrshire, Scotland, the goal of Twizlrz is to make the ultimate cat toys right in the UK.

That's it!

The key to this is simplicity... which is actually harder than it sounds.

Take our packaging for example: our overriding goal was to make the packaging as simple as we possibly could with no plastic in it. We managed it too after at least 10 different designs.

The toy is the same: It's deceptively simple, doesn't require batteries or instructions, doesn't require setting up, takes up no space Oh, and cats love it too :)

We're basically preventing cat boredom, one Twizlr at a time.


Twizlrz was founded by two maverick dreamers: Andrew Reith and Mick Docherty.

"Twizlrz is a labour of love for us: We didn't just want to make a cat toy; we wanted to make the cat toy." - Mick (probably)


In the course of creating this company we learned a whole load about cats... we thought we already knew loads but get this:
  1. Female cats, in general, tend to favour their right paws and males favour their left
  2. In just 7 years, two cats (male and female, obviously) can product up to 420,000 offspring!
  3. Cats spend nearly a third of their waking hours cleaning themselves.
  4. There are around 60 million feral cats in the US... I wonder if they'd play with a Twizlr!

I suppose we should balance out the cat facts with some facts about us too:

  1. We made our first prototype Twizlrz in Mick's kitchen. It was made of acrylic (very easy to work with but shatters when you stand on it!)
  2. Our first official tester is called Charlie (it's Andrew's cat).
  3. We've tested over 30 different designs of Twizlr before settling on our current one

Ok, so that's a bit about us.

So if you want to reach then get us on Instagram, Facebook or just drop us an email or a message: We love to hear how your cat loves playing with a Twizlr.

Actually, what we really want is for you to film your cat playing with it's Twizlr... that would be awesome. Oh, and remember to share on FB and Inst with #twizlrz


Andrew & Mick